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We want to make sure you move into your new home and love every minute of it. The last thing you want to find are any nasty surprises lurking beneath the surface.

Getting a meth test on a property is now as common as getting a builder’s report and LIM report. Maybe you’re buying a big house in the top suburbs, maybe you’re buying a cottage from a lovely old couple. Or maybe you’re buying a low-budget rental in the inner city. It really doesn’t matter. The fact is you just never know and you can never be too sure!

The bottom line is, regardless of the history of the property, you should always get a property you are looking at buying, meth tested.  You want to make sure you have no problems once the home becomes yours, and that it is safe for you and your family to live in. Besides, how often do you really know the history of a property. Even if you think you do, unfortunately, it’s not just owners that may have smoked and manufactured meth in the house, but in some cases tradespeople, unbeknownst to the owners.

The Ministry of Health provides guidelines on what is considered to be a ‘safe’ level of meth contamination. The question is, do you want your family living in a home which has any level of contamination. Make sure you give us the opportunity to review your Agreement for Sale and Purchase before you sign, to make sure the meth clause inserted meets your particular requirements.

Meth doesn’t just pose health risks; the financial problems it causes can be immense. You could end up spending far more than your budget allows if you find out later on that you’re living in a property that requires de-contamination. Suddenly the price tag for a meth test won’t seem so steep.

Meth is a pervasive problem that is becoming more prevalent and harder to spot in society. You can’t put a price on safety, insurance, security and health. Make sure the house you love is safe for you and your family. Get in touch with us today. 03 218 EMMA.



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