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Our clients often have an initial idea in their heads about what to expect when they’re buying their first home. Maybe they heard from a friend that it was a difficult and stressful process, or maybe the simple fact that they are not entirely clear on the process is enough to cast a fearful shadow over the whole thing. Whatever the reason, a lot of first time clients come to us with gritted teeth and lots of questions. Not knowing what you need to do, where you need to be, or what comes next can cause anxiety or even sleepless nights!

That’s where we come in and make everything a lot simpler. We take care of so much that, in reality, the process is much easier on you than you’d expect.

You can trust us when we say we know exactly what we’re doing. We’ve had our tried-and-true processes and systems in place for four years now, and we know it works. We take on all your stress for you – leave the hard work to us.

While it’s true that buying or selling a house requires a lot of technical background work, we will take care of that! We love our jobs and we love helping clients, so sit back and relax and let us do the tricky stuff. We’ll keep you in the know about everything, and you can ask us anything and we won’t charge extra for it.

Our fees are also designed to keep things simple– one set fee from start to finish, so you know the score. If we need something from you, or for you to do something, we’ll let you know. We communicate effectively and promptly via text, phone calls, emails or meetups. We will never leave you wondering “what do I do next?” so you can rest easy and focus on the important stuff (like what colour you want your new walls to be)!

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I am excited to announce that Emma Stanley Law has been incorporated into the firm of PRLaw from 1 September 2022.

This opportunity enables me to continue to serve my Invercargill based clients with a physical office as well as being able to offer a full range of legal services.

If you are based outside of Invercargill, together, PRLaw and I, would love to help you with your legal needs. 

Any questions, please contact us today.