Pre-settlement inspections

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Pre-settlement inspections



Did you know that just before you settle your purchase of your new home, you have the right to complete a final inspection of the home? This is commonly referred to a “pre-settlement inspection.” Not many people are aware they can do this.

When your completing your pre-settlement inspection, these are the things to look for:

  • Are the chattels you agreed would stay in the home on settlement, still there?
  • Are the chattels working (unless stated otherwise in the Agreement);
  • Has the Vendor moved out or in the process of moving out?
  • If the Vendor agreed to do any work or repairs on the property, have the work/repairs been completed;
  • Is the home in the same condition it was in at the time you initially signed the Agreement?

You’ll need to include any special requirements regarding cleaning in the Agreement for Sale and Purchase. Especially, if you want the garden tidied and lawns mowed, carpets cleaned, and the house cleaned. Unfortunately, there is no legal requirement for a Vendor to clean a house prior to settlement, and everyone’s idea of clean is different!

Your pre-settlement inspection needs to be completed in plenty of time to sort out any issues that may arise before settlement. Your lawyer will let you know exact timeframes.

If you aren’t happy with anything you’ve found in your pre-settlement inspection, tell your lawyer immediately. They’ll be able to help you come to a resolution.

For any advice or extra information regarding this process, give Emma a call. 03 218 Emma!

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