Autumn Blues and Doing your Dues!

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Autumn Blues and Doing your Dues!

As the months begin to cool down, it becomes important when we’re house hunting to plan for the winter chill. There’s nothing worse than thinking you’ve found the perfect house, but three months down the track you realise there’s a pool of water in the backyard, mould all over the walls or a nasty draft all throughout the house that you can’t fix!

Peace of mind is invaluable – and although you might originally be put off by the cost of a LIM report, builders report, meth test or electrical report, we know how priceless these things are. You wouldn’t buy a car without making sure it’s not a lemon, for example. Houses are the same. Doing your homework beforehand will ensure you can put your feet up this winter and stay warm and dry (but totally cool)!

LIM reports will give you an in-depth look at the property, with more comprehensive information than a council file alone. Property size, building consents and permits, easements, special features of the land, the condition of the grounds, flooding risk, sewerage, drainage… the list goes on. This is not only vital to ensuring your property is great to live in, but will also help you down the track when it comes time for you to sell.

A builder’s report will give you information on the building quality and structural integrity of the house itself, what materials are used, if there are any defects, what maintenance will be required, and more. A good building inspector will provide you with photographic evidence of any issues, in a detailed report for you to review prior to your purchase becoming unconditional.

There are lots more ways you can ensure the house you’re wanting to buy is truly your “Dream Home”. Colder months mean the mettle of your home will be truly tested! You want to know going into it that you’re going to have a cosy and stress free winter. Remember that we can help you if you’re stuck or struggling with any of these definitions, as well as talking to you about meth tests, council files, electrical reports and anything else you’d like to know. Just give us a call any time on 03 218 EMMA.

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