Identity Documents

We require two forms of identification

1. Photo identification (one of)

2. Proof of address (one of)

Persons under 18

Minors who do not have a primary photographic ID of their own should provide supporting ID plus a parent/guardian/other family member’s passport or NZ drivers licence. Both persons should visit the office when presenting ID.

Alternative identification documents

Document guidelines

The documents must:

  • be originals
  • not defaced or damaged
  • current or otherwise expired within the 12 months of presenting to us and clearly displays the expiry date
  • documents not in English must be accompanied by an independent and certified English translation that is provided to you by an official translation service.

Proof of address documents must:

  • include your name
  • be issued in the preceding 12 months of presentation to us
  • include a unique reference such as IRD number, customer number, registered membership number, tenancy bond reference.
  • include your current residential address
  • a PO Box is not acceptable unless the document includes your residential address and above details

Overseas passports:

Overseas passports or similar document issued for international travel must contain name, date of birth and the signature of the person or biometric measure. It must be issued by a foreign government, the United Nations, or agency of the United Nations.

National identity card:

The national identity card must be one issued by a foreign government, United Nations or an agency of the United Nations for the purpose of identification and carry the name, date of birth, photograph and signature or biometric measure.