How I work

I support you through the sale or purchase of property using my skills, knowledge, and expertise as a property lawyer, plus personal experience gained over the years.

Dealing with real estate agents and buying a house can be daunting, not to mention delating with lawyers! I want to be involved right from the start so that it’s an exciting rather than scary process.

Often, lawyers come on board once you have signed the Agreement for Sale and Purchase. Sometimes, this is too late as issues have already arisen which could have been avoided.

Over the years, I have bought and sold many properties. I use this experience plus my professional expertise to help you achieve the best outcome. Sharing my experiences as a property owner and investor is what I love most about being a Property and Real Estate Lawyer.

Property is an investment. By choosing me as your lawyer, you are also investing in yourself as you make this journey. I work closely with clients, use easy-to-understand language and slowly guide you through the process. The last thing you need is to be overwhelmed with things to do and legal jargon. When you work with me, I support you carefully through each step.

I charge a set fee, and this means you are clear about costs from the start. Careful thought has gone into the fee structure to ensure I provide the quality service my reputation is built on.

We work together throughout. And we cross the finish line together. I will also liaise closely with your bank or mortgage broker and keep your real estate agent informed.

Buying a home is a team effort, and you need the best of the best on your team. I can’t promise there won’t be any hurdles along the way, but I can promise expert advice when you most need it.

I am excited to announce that Emma Stanley Law has been incorporated into the firm of PRLaw from 1 September 2022.

This opportunity enables me to continue to serve my Invercargill based clients with a physical office as well as being able to offer a full range of legal services.

If you are based outside of Invercargill, together, PRLaw and I, would love to help you with your legal needs. 

Any questions, please contact us today.